About Us

Power Construction Inc. has worked to provide the people of the bay area with the utmost quality work of construction through attentiveness and precision to detail. Valuing the relationship with clients as well as employees, the company treats it’s associates with integrity in order to create an environment for optimal success.

Founded in 1995, Power Construction Inc, has developed into a premier general contractor and concrete specialist sub-contractor. As concrete specialists, Power Construction, Inc. has been transforming the city of San Francisco and the bay area for over 20 years.

Assuring the wellbeing and security of our employees, clients, and general public has been a top priority of interest. This interest is achieved through the provision of support to our affiliates through protection in safety precautions and careful planning when maneuvering in a critical environment.

The principle of establishing mutual trust and honesty between Power Construction Inc. and its clients is with the goal of fulfilling the best interest of the parties, to reach the clients satisfaction of work. By developing a long lasting confidence in employees through training and work experience, onsite workers are entrusted with their goal and responsibility of the quality completion of the project.

Financial Stability/Planning:
In order to secure the long term future for the company, Power Construction prides itself on developing and preserving a financial plan throughout each structural job. Preparing for the cost and outlay of each aspect of the job allows for full vigilance in hands on work and leaves very little room for budgetary error.

Civil Purpose:
Power Construction Inc. feels responsible in providing the bay area with infrastructure suitable for its general public. Particularly, providing residencies and affordable housing sufficient for those classified as low income in San Francisco and surrounding areas. Creating these various infrastructures, Power Construction serves to aide with their influence and tend to the communities of various areas.

Power Construction, Inc. is a general contractor.

License # 891418 - B - C8
SB #1751190 license
LBE - HRC # 111515732 - SF
DIR # 1000059187
Concrete Specialist
Structural Specialist

Founders of the Company

Power Construction Inc SF

John Power


Phone:  1-415-472-2910

Power Construction Inc SF

Larry Power


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