Company History

Founded in 1995, Power Construction Inc, has developed into a premier general contractor and concrete specialist sub-contractor. As concrete specialists, Power Construction, Inc. has been transforming the city of San Francisco and the bay area for over 20 years.

Power Construction, Inc. operates with a mission to safely build structures that display their work as concrete and structural specialists, with incredible quality, value with integrity, and to continuously strive to build the best concrete structure in the city is what makes Power Construction, inc. proud of their work..

Power Construction, Inc’s project portfolio includes Residential, Commercial and Institutional developments. We pride our Concrete Specialist brand here at Power Construction, Inc. based on what we’ve built. From low rise to high rise hotels and condominiums, office and retail spaces, airport expansions, university buildings and supportive piers along the San Francisco waterfront. All structural concrete projects to be proud of.

Power Construction, Inc. is a general contractor.

License # 891418 - B - C8
SB #1751190 license
LBE - HRC # 111515732 - SF
DIR # 1000059187
Concrete Specialist
Structural Specialist

Combined, the Power Construction team has more than 100 years of construction experience and has played integral roles in some of the most prominent and complex buildings constructed in San Francisco, California.

Power Construction, Inc. was formed with a goal of working closely with clients and driving the team with value within the industry. With that in mind, they created a company structure that allows the team to continue to develop its Concrete Specialists brand and to remain close to the projects, while entrusting employees to own their work.

True Concrete and Structural Specialists. Their willingness to roll up their sleeves and do work has cultivated a construction company full of true revolutionary, concrete specialists.

No matter the concrete scope or structural complexity of the project, Power Construction, Inc’s approach to quality and efficiency ensures each project is completed on schedule, within budget. and made with the utmost care, quality and safety that Power Construction, Inc. has been known for.

This approach to every project has branded the firm as the Concrete Specialists in the city that is well sought for partnership.

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Founders of de Company

Power Construction Inc SF

John Power


Phone:  1-415-472-2910


Power Construction Inc SF

Larry Power


Phone:  1-415-722-8260